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My Favorite Poems

Dream Big

Angels #2
Promise to always be there

Here are some of my favorite poems I have found around the web and some by me...I have added some graphics and music to them. I hope that you will enjoy them like I have.

A Wish

Choose a wish find a dream
Pick a wishing star
Let your hopes and spirits soar
high and free and far.
Reach for the unreachable,
stretch to touch the sky.
Know no dream you treasure,
is too far away or high.
Believe in the impossible,
then work and try and so.
For only those who dare to dream,
can make a dream come true!


Sorry nothing on this page is available for download
All graphics by Lavender Garden
When you wish upon a star midi from: Disney Music Page
Love Mouse Cursor script source from: JavaC
Which helped enable my Pet to fly with the Cursor