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By Bernice Melton

Angels are sent from heaven above,
They're a symbol of peace, an expression of love.
Guiding arms are there to protect you all the day through,
God sends them with His love to watch over me and you.
So when you wonder what kept you from harm today,
Just remember that there are angels God has sent your way.

Friendly Faces :o)
There's a miracle called friendship-
it starts within the heart.
You don't know when it happens
or when it gets it's start.
But you know the special lift
It always brings,
And you realize that Friendship
is God's most precious Gift!!!

:o) ---------------------------------- (o:

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^.^ Be an Angel ^.^
Be an angel, each and every day.
Have a smile and kind words to say.
Be an angel, every minute of every hour.
Be sweet not sour.
Be an angel, to those in need.
Don't be consumed with sin and greed.
Be an angel by just saying "hi."
Entertain the angels and God,
the heavenly guy.

-----(-----(-----@ @----)----)-----
~By Monique Nicole Fox~
Poem from: Black Angels: A poetic page

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