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About Me

Hello, my name is Irene (some calls me Renie) I'm born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii. Both of my parents are Japanese though my Dad was born in Hawaii, and my Mom is from Japan. I do speak a little Japanese as a second language, but is still far from getting by a casual conversation. I currently work at a Tour Company in Waikiki for about 10 years.

Color - Lavender *LOL*
TV Show - Soaps (Y&R, GL, DOOL), Friends, Fraiser
Music - Pop all kinds...Savage Garden, Janet, Billy Joel, Elton John
Food - P A S T A !! and the occasional Starbucks

Of course I love my computer...who knew what a wonderful and easy way it makes to communicate with friends everwhere. Although I've gotten my computer in November 1999, I've recently learned html through books and on the internet and have been hooked ever since *S*. Besides that, I really love to travel and do all sorts of crafts...which coveniently I'm trying to incorporate in this site. I hope you enjoy your stay and come back for a visit again because I'm constantly updating and adding new things.

~ Renie

100 Facts About Me

I'm a Gemini

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