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Hello and Welcome Friends!
Here's another fun way to get to know me.
This list was inspired from my friend Annette
Creating this list was alot of fun *S*

100 Facts About Me

1. My birthday is May 24th
2. That makes me a Gemini
Click here for more info about Gemini
3. My nickname is Renie
4. I'm from Hawaii
5. On the Island of Oahu
6. I loooove to travel
7. First trip was to Oregon
8. To visit my Best Friend
9. Been to Las Vegas
10. Been there 7 times
11. Still haven't gotten lucky
12. Visited Seattle & Vancouver
13. Been to Disneyland
14. Been to Boston
15. Been to Tampa (Including Disney World)
16. Been to Boston Mass.
17. Been to Washington D.C.
18. My dream is to go to Europe
19. Would like to go to Minneapolis
20. Because I love shopping
21. I buy keychain for every new place I visit
22. If available some floaty pens too
23. Went to Japan last May (2000)
24. I am pure Japanese
25. My middle name is Japanese

26. Means Honest & Beautiful
27. I can speak a little Japanese
28. My first job was at McDonald's
29. Now I work at a Japanese Tour
30. Been there for over 10 years
31. My favorite color is Purple *LOL*
32. I drive a Toyota Camry
33. Don't need coffee in the morning
34. Usually just Juice or Soda will do
35. But I love an occational Starbucks
36. Now it's Caramel Macchiato (Iced)
37. Or Espresso Frappucino is a close 2nd
38. I can drink a gallon of water daily
39. But usually love my Diet Coke
40. I love Dolphins and Penguins sooo cute!
41. I love anythin that's Pasta
42. and spicy foods
43. Though I can't eat any Seafood
44. My favorite dessert is Custard
45. OO! don't forget Ice Cream
46. Mmmm Macadaima Nut Ice Cream
47. I like Pop and 80's music
48. Fav includes Savage Garden, Faith Hill, NSYNC
49. Though times I NEED an occational Rock
50. I prefer my computer or the TV

51. Fave TV shows are Friends, Frasier and Soaps
52. Currently watching Y&R, DOOL, GL
53. Last movie seen was Titanic
54. I love animals
55. I used to have a pet cat
56. I don't to well with plants
57. I just got one for my birthday
58. It's a Cyclamen Plant
59. Now it's down to (1) Flower (>_<;)
60. But I do have a lucky bamboo
61. It's thriving very well
62. In chinese it's called "Fu Gwey Zhu"
63. Which means: Wealth, Rich, Power, honor, Bamboo
64. Never smoked a cigarette
65. Can't handle alcohol very well
66. Love to talk on the phone
67. I can talk for hours
68. Now I'm into scented candles
69. and reading about Feng Shuei
70. My favorite Holiday is Christmas
71. I love all seasons
72. but my favorite is probably Fall
73. I miss seeing foliage (we don't have in Hawaii)
74. I love flowers
75. Especially Roses

76. I'm always lazy about cleaning
77. But I'm an organized freak
78. I wish I was a better cook
79. I love Strawberries
80. I like stuffed animals
81. I have small collection of Beanie Babies
82. My favorite is Halo
83. I like to send postcards/cards
84. I don't like horror movies
85. I hope you're not bored with this
86. I like taking pictures
87. and making scrapbook/memory album
88. I love to draw and do some crafts
89. Done some crosstitch, Plastic Canvas
90. A few Beading and Christmas Ornaments
91. Love to put together gift baskets
92. Now I'm spending too much time on the computer
93. I love to surf the internet
94. My Homepage is addicting
95. Before that it was EBay
96. But it got too expensive
97. Rarely go to bed before Midnight
98. Since I got my computer
99. We all need to do random acts of kindness
100. I wish we all live in peace

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