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Hi Onechan ^-^! m(_ _)m ~ Arigato ~ for everything...and you know what. You are the ideal sis that I never had. Your kindness and unselfishness is what I admire about you, you always have a smile and kind words to say. You only get better every single day.
I wish all the health and happiness, and remember we do have a are a m-a-n-i-a-c (ha! ha!) *HUGS*

Just thinking about a friend
makes you want to do a happy dance,
because a friend is someone
who loves you in spite of your faults.

~ Charles M> Schultz



Having a friend like you only makes me smile,
All the fun, and all the strange.
No matter where or no matter what,
We always manage to find laughter what ever we do.
We never seem to know what we're doing,
and sometimes things aren't going our way.
Yet somehow we can laugh and
everything seems to work out
Thank you for all the fun and laughter
Thank you...for being friends with me.

(C) Renien

If your pursuit of wealth causes you to
sacrifice any aspect of your health,
your priorities are turned around.

Your physical condition is your compass;
it will tell you if you are headed
in the right direction or if you're going astray.
It's not your checkbook, but "you"
who is counted on to be there
for the people in your world.
Be farsighted. Weight the differences.
Think of the prices to pay.

~ Douglas Pagels

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