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Friday September 11th 2001.

A day that I can never forget...It happened at 3am Hawaiian time. I get up 1 hour earlier than usual...anyone who knows me that's very unlike me especially on a work I get ready for work, I turn on the TV...something I normally don't do. Something is not right, it's not the usual news person. Then I realize something is not right and things hasn't been the same since. 

Great sadness and sympathy,
with the tragedy on this day.
Still unable to shake the images,
filled with smoke in shades of grey.

As the days has gone by,
and the search goes on.
The compassion of others,
has grown better and strong.

To everyone who's life,
which will never be the same at all.
The hope and belief of the American spirit,
will keeps us straight, high and tall.

God bless to all who's lives been touched by this tragedy

~ renie 2001



Psalm 46: 1-7


Light a candle for world peace today



Whether you're eighteen or eighty, I encourage you to have the courage to find the magic in this day. Go out of your way to appreciate the deserving things here before you:.  people who matter, places that will inevitably change,  and circumstances that get rearranged all too easily.

Do more that stop and smell the roses. Search them out. Plant new seeds in the places you pass by. If someone has made a difference in your life, let them know. And remember that there's more to appreciate in this moment than we realize. Believe me:

Years from now, the truth of this will shine. And one of your sincere regrets will be not knowing how good you had the time. 

-- Douglas Pagels




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