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Happy New Years everyone...come in and make yourself at home.
My PC Pal from Country Girls and Best Friend for January is Donna.
I'm really excited and looking forward getting know her.
You can visit any of her wonderful sites she has many to choose from:
* Her Family Site
* Her Graphics Site
* Her Sayings Site
* Lisa & Donna's Friendship Site
For those who are not familiar or do not belong to CG&BF it's really worth the visit!

1/05 - Yu~mmy! Thank you for this wonderful treat Donna!

1/06 - Whew! received these "Cool" friends to help me with this heat ^o^;
AND click on my clapping pet to see a couple of pictures from Donna
I hope you don't mind Donna...they are just too cute I love them!

1/07 - Tea about these two? I think they are so sweet!

1/13 - Doesn't these two just make you melt! Oo I just love them!

1/15 - Look what Donna had made for us! Thanks I Love Angels!!

1/18 - What a wonderful surprise to see these cuties in my mail today! ^-^

1/19 - I got this Raggedy Doll for both me and Donna

1/20 - Look what I found in my mail! This ado~rable bunny eee!!

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