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What's New?
Hello and Welcome everyone!
I have started this site April 2001 and has been growing since.
Here you can find what changes or what has been added to my site.
I do make some changes often as I learn new things daily so
I hope this page will make it easier for you to navigate, and
Thank you for stopping by (*^-^*)

January 15, 2003
I'm excited about my newest addition to my adoption section.
I like balloons and flowers and thought why not make one to
give out to friends I only have one now but hope to have a
much larger collection for you to choose.

December 27, 2002
FINALLY!! Added a new set for the New Years though it can be used
for any type of celebration. Upon request I can make the couple's
hair in a different colors but my time is very limited so if you
allow a few days it would be no problem at all, but I will not make
any other changes for this set.

August 22, 2002
Wow can't believe it's been this long since an update...I apologize
I completely forgot about my August Flower Gal (Yikes!)
I guess my mind has really be pre-occupied so to make up for it,
I've already added September (so much as faith in myself).
Also I've added a new adoptable...comfort friend, seems pretty
fitting for me...hope that you will like it!

June 27, 2002
Received a sweet surprise from Cinthia, thank you for the award.

June 21, 2002
Taaaadaaaaa!~ Finally finally I have opened my premade graphics
page. The link is located on my main page or you can visit on
this link -> . I have also added
adoptable for the Summer season you can find it in my Graphics section.

June 02, 2002
Here's something wonderful to help cool off the summer heat
How about some Caramel, Chocolate or Strawberry Sundae...
Ooohhh my decisions...decisions...decisions...stop by and
have a look here in the graphics section.

May 28, 2002
Happy Summer...yup how time flies!! I have just added
a new set I guess you can figure it out that it's a
Summer theme I also added June's flower gal. You can
view both of them in my Graphics section.

May 21, 2002
Hello again, I've just added a new adoptable for Dad,
Just to say how special he really is...
of course it can be found in the graphics section Here

May 20, 2002
Hello I'm still here! Not much changes going on now,
but I did add a few cupcakes in the holiday section.
Have a look at it here.

April 04, 2002
Added a couple of adoptables for Mom. Either a cupcake,
or a "Just for Mom" from a girl or boy with a bouquet of roses.
As usual they can be found in my graphics section Here .

March 05, 2002
Whew! just finished a couple of adoptions - Easter Basket and
Springtime Friends. You can see them in my graphics section,
just click Here.

March 01, 2002
Received a wonderful surprise today from Jenette at
Tuckered-Out Moms It already has a special place in
my Awards/Gifts section.

February 25, 2002
Spring time is almost here! Added a new set called "Spring"
It's in my graphics section, just click Here .

February 22, 2002
Added a new cupcake section called "Numbers" well
I couldn't come up with more creative (ha ha).
You can see it in my graphics section, just click Here .

February 15th 2002
Added more yummy cupcakes...check it out in my graphics section,
just click Here .

February 6th 2002
Just added a new set Cozy's in my graphics section,
just click Here .

February 2nd 2002
Finished another set called Hawaii it's in my graphics section you
can see it Here . Well it's more like
a "tropical" theme.

January 29th 2002
Just finished a new Mardi Gras page set, you can see it in my
graphics section.

January 26th 2002
Oh my goodness...sorry been really bad about updating this section >_<;
I will try my best to keep this updated...let's see currently I have
just finished another adoptable. Cupcakes mmmmmm~ you can see them in
my Graphics section.

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