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Welcome Friends

Hello and Welcome Friends!
Although I have many friends here in Hawaii and a few across the States, I'd never imagine making new friends through the net. I wasn't sure what I could do on internet and have only gotten my personal computer for a couple of years now and have recently started my homepage a few months ago. In this short time let me introduce you to some of my Net Friends that I have met who have been very sweet and kind and really had a fun time getting to know them, with different locations in the world. Thank you are truly the Angels in disguise.

Annette is from Gothenbrug, Sweden. She's the first friend that I met on the internet, someone I feel so blessed to come upon. I was still very new at creating my site, but her kind and encouraging words has always been a wonderful support for me. She's a very special friend who always speaks from her heart, I love her spontaneous "Hellos" and look forward to many more years as friends. Please visit her site it's a beautiful site filled with much love for friends and her family.
Annette everytime is see flowers especially Tulips I think of you.

Melody is a brand new friend...she's from Ontario, but now lives in Alberta Canada. It's strange that we both belong to Country Girls & Best Friends, but seemed to have found each other by chance. I "LOVE" to do crafts and adore cats as much as she does. She sent me this adorable Gingham Friends "exactly" the time that I needed did you know? Thanks Melody, you truly are a wonderful friend.

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