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Hello girl! You know I feel so blessed that we became friends, what can I say you have definitely put "color" in my life. Your thoughtfulness and kindess have always made me feel special, you always know just when to call and know just want to say. I love our chats thought it never seems to make any sence, your humor is none like anyone else.

I only wish you all the happiness and joy that you surely deserve, I know good friends are hard to find, I'm so glad that I found you.



I have this friend
we have this special link
We can talk about anything
but i'd still be about pink.

You're always so thoughtful
How you've been there for me.
All of our adventures,
It was so much fun and carefree

I'd just like to Thank you
For being there through the years
I treasure our friendship ,
All the laughters and the tears.

To accomplish anything
and to make some dreams come true,
It would really make me happy
if i'd include a friend like you.

(C) Renien

My Friend

When I'd think back to the day we first met,
I don't think we knew how we would connect

Yet somehow best friends we soon became
Sharing our thoughts which is usually the same

I know that I'm blessed just knowing you at all,
Who knows what I'm thinking and just when to call

Thank You for being there through the years,
I treasure the moments all the laughters and the tears

You're very special unlike anyone I've known
We can be free and know we're never alone

That special bond I know will never end
Because you were meant to be my very best friend.

(C) Renien

Having friends around for a pleasant evening
is one of life's most cherished joys
as far as I am concerned.
But when those with me are fellow belivers
how much greater that joy is,
for we know that it will be rekindled,
one day, in eternity.

~James Stewart

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