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Hey girlfriend! How's the hair? (ha ha)
Geez together with Alms it must be atleast 15 years huh?
I can't image how our friendship has turned out,
we are so different, but so much alike.
I'm so glad that I had a chance to get to know you,
you have definitely put "color" in my life.

Though there's some distance for you to start a new life,
you're always in our thoughts we hope everything is alright.
I wish you all the happiness that you truly deserve,
Don't let the one arm bandit get all on your nevers. (ha ha)

Coffee Klatch

Keep the coffee warm.
It's a good day for talking.
You share a secret
and I'll share one, too.
I have dozens.
I've been saving them
for you to hear.
Our lives keep us
too far apart for too long
these days--
children and husbands
and mountains of laundry
to be nurtured and loved
and caught up with
before we care for ourselves,
for our friendship.
It's always there, though,
a strong, silent heartbeat
hidden in our routines.
So I'll bring the coffee cake--
or maybe you'd like danish--
and you keep the coffee warm.
It's a good day for talking.

-Poem by Laurie Creasy

Hoping someday the three of use can get together again

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This original poem was selected as a Finalist
in the Second Tri-Annual Blue Mountain Arts Poetry Card Contest.
If there are any errors, corrections or omissions noted,
please contact
Poetry: Copyright 1997 by Laurie Creasy

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