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* Fall Greetings *

Below is the Fall greeting to you from me, please download it to your computer
and link it back to me at:
I hope you will also take the time to read some of the wonderful poems
by the talented artists that has created a good description of Fall.

Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving
Psalms 95:2


Autumn is here, the leaves are turning,
Some so brightly they seem to be burning.
There's yellow, orange and bright red too,
All painted against a lovely sky of blue.

Every colour there is taken from the rainbow,
From up on the mountain to the valley below.
How do we rate? This is mad with love,
By our great creator in the heavens above.

For us all to see; the beauty is there,
Through all this we know He does care.
The earth is warmed by the sun's hot rays.
So we have cool nights and warmer days.

All we have to do is slow down our pace,
Quit racing around in such a terrible haste.
For on a cold night will come a frost,
And this will come with quite a cost.

Then we will find the trees will be bare,
No more brilliant colours will we see there.
So enjoy it now. In it take pleasure,

Because autumn is here for us to treasure.
~~By CeNedra.~~


This is a day for dreaming
for leaving cares behind,
for walking lovely country lanes
all bright and autumn-lined;

A day for life unhurried
in sunny meadows fair,
a field of golden beauty
with wonders everywhere.

This is a day for loving
the whole wide world aglow,
for finding magic splendor
in valleys far below,
the brilliant flame of sumac,
the cotton clouds on high,
an orchard soft and wistful
beneath a peaceful sky.

This is a day for many things,
for hearts that laugh and love,
for drying leaves and blazing hills
and eyes that look above,
a country walk-a magic dream
an early setting sun,
for this is autumn hushed and still:
Autumn days have come.

~ Garnett Ann Schultz ~

Dedicated to all my Family & Friends ^-^/

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