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Lotsa sweet and cute bunch of goodies here!!!
Here's a yummy gift give to someone
or to just treat your sweet tooth. ^-^



Hipity Hop, Hipity Hop, the Easter bunnies here
He's coming to see you, just to bring you cheer
Easter eggs of color galore, here for you to hide
in the front, in the back and the rest on the side
Little children eager to search
Dressed up pretty, then off to Church
To learn of the rising of the Lord
and because of this, our reward
God gave his only son to die
and if you believe, then you know why
He died on the cross,to get rid of our sin
to give us a new life, to start again
So to believe as a child, the truth we know
The meanings the same, God loves us so

Poem from Loving

* You may adopt the easter basket "with or without personalizations".
* You must link adoptions with logo provided to
and they must not be altered in any way.
Please do not apply if your site is not family friendly site

To adopt them please e-mail me with following info:
Your name:
Your e-mail:
Your URL:

Where do you want me to sent them?:

If for a friend...

Friend's name:
Friend's e-mail:
Friend's URL:

I will try to send them as soon as possible please make sure you give all info
and after I review and approve site I will send them out to you.

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