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This page is for my extended family where we met by chance...
I'm so glad to have gotten the chance and to still keep in touch with them.
We're so different with each of our own "special" personality,
which is what makes it sooo much fun.
Girls this page is just for you, and "Thank You" for everything.

K - Kind...One of the nicest person I have ever met.
E - Exciting...Never seem to have a dull moment.
I - Ice Cream...Haagen Dazs (ha ha)
K - Kid...Fun to be with, she's a kid at heart
O - Original...Sums it all, she's a one of a kind.

M - Marvelous...friend for over 10 years.
A - Amazing...With everything in her life.
S - Sweet...A very sweet and wonderful friend.
A - Always...A really thoughtful person.
E - Entertaining...and a very colorful one ^-^.

M - Modest...of her many talents.
A - Amusing...always a fun to be with.
M - Mellow...and fun in her special ways.
I - Interesting...she can just do so much.
K - Kindness...with always being helpful with others.
O - many of my wierd ways >_<;

Y - Yes...can't remember any "no's" always helpful.
U - Understanding...Thank You!
M - Merry...always with a smile on her face.
I - Inspirational...with her courage and strength.
E - Energetic...always full of life!

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