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Whenever I have some free time (not much since I've gotten this computer)
I've always enjoy doing somthing crafty, there have been many different
projects, but most have been crosstitch or plastic canvas.
Right now there isn't many to show because I don't keep most of my projects.
They've always have been created just for that special person as gifts,
which is how I get motivated to finish it on time.
I've always been asked what's my current project, which why I've started
this section so that friends can see what I've worked on.
I hope to keep it updated as much as possible...really.

This is a Button House
(Plastic Canvas)

This is a Watermelon Napkin Holder
(Plastic Canvas)

Here's a couple of towels

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Here's my new project for me. Yes it's a plant actually it's a Cyclamen it was given to me from a friend for my birthday. This is a recent picture taken on July 2001 though now it only has a couple of flowers...for me it's pretty exciting. You see I'm really not good with plants at all so I'm working really hard in keeping it far so good.

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