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Mmmmmm! Here's another great way to express who your friends and family are. Meet my newest cuties to my Christmas section...Gingies! little gingerbread cookies cuties.

It can be personalized and change the heading
(e.g: #2 "My Sweeties!") or add any special message, and a choice hair color of the baker...just e-mail me all the information.

* You must have a website to adopt these gingies*
* You must link adoptions with logo to
and they must not be altered in any way.
Please do not apply if your site is not family friendly site

To adopt them please e-mail me with following info:
Your name:
Your e-mail:
Your URL:

Girl's hair color:

For each Gingie please note "boy or girl" and "name"
(maximum number of 5 gingies per order)
Gingie #1:
Gingie #2:
Gingie #3:
Gingie #4:
Gingie #5:

I will try to send them as soon as possible please make sure you give all info
I may not respond to incomplete orders.

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