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11 Aug, 03 > 17 Aug, 03
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Lil' bit of Lavender
Wednesday, 6 August 2003

Hi all hope you had a wonderful day today. It was quite hot but a beautiful sunny day, right now it's a warm 32oC/89oF but it's no too bad with the fan buzzing loudly next to me. Today I did't really do too much though I was off today I helped a friend and worked at her restaurant while the staff had a meeting which wasn't so bad even though I had no idea what I was doing but it was fun.

Well that's about it...not very exciting but somehow my day went by so fast...sigh...another five day work week *lol* gotta go now and do more craft projects (working on a "harvest corn" door hanging) hope to have it done by the end of the week...wish me luck.

Posted by lavendergdns at 9:00 PM HDT
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Tuesday, 5 August 2003

Yippppeeee~ it's been weeks and weeks since I've had two consecutive days off in a row and I admit it's nice don't have to worry about sleeping early so today I went out for a little shopping for some craft projects I've been putting off for months already and with the holiday coming around it's about time I get right to it.

I have some friends who sends me funny funny links from time to time and thought that this one was a good one and hay give it a try *lol* just click the little guy on the lower right corner. I know it's a trick...can't figure how they do it?

Well I'm off to draw some graphics and work on some of my craft projects have a fun evening all and see you tomorrow!

Posted by lavendergdns at 9:59 PM HDT
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Sunday, 3 August 2003

Hello and welcome to my very very first entry to my online journal. As if I need to have one more thing to keep me on my computer but I thought that I'd give it a try. Though I must warn you it will be pretty boring, don't have much going on just my thoughts and happenings to help keep in touch with my dear friends.

Well today I had to work the early shift and must say though it's so exausting to get up so early it's nice because I get to go home first. I later had a nice time getting to meet Mom after work and had a nice time relaxing at Starbucks enjoying my usual Caramel Frappucino...well until a older lady interrupted our conversation complaining that we were talking too loud (which we were not) and was disturbing her trying to read her newspaper. Because this is a family friendly site I will not go into details of what I thought of her *lol* well we had to be on our way anyways and didn't feel so comfortable anyways with whispering our conversation. So here I am saying my peace which does make me feel better now so I'm off to answer some other mails, thank you so very much for stopping by see ya all tomorrow!

Posted by lavendergdns at 7:06 PM HDT
Updated: Sunday, 3 August 2003 7:15 PM HDT
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