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Happy Birthday Anna!!!

Happy Birthday my dear sweet friend...Happy Birthday to you,
I hope on this day that all your dreams will come true.
You see mine has already been granted the day that I met you,
we now have a wonderful friendship and for that...I Thank You!

These are some gifts to celebrate your special day,
I hoped that it helped to brighten your day.
I wish that I could be there to celebrate it with you,
so instead I have some surprises and here are some clues...
They are hidden somewhere in these sweet and yummy treats,
It's made just for you and it's yours to keep.

Happy Birthday to you~!

Here are more cuties did you think I was through?
Well this day is special it's only just for you.
It's a wonderful time to celebrate this day,
with all friends and family, I wouldn't have it any other way.
~ renie

Okay Anna I better let you go,
before you family thinks you're a "no show"
Have a wonderful day with your friends and loved ones,
Happy Birthday my friend you are #1!

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