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Alms...gee what else can I say, Thank you for being a wonderful friend. It must be aleast 15 years! YIKES! I know how much you have been through many ups as much as downs, but I'm still so amazed how you manage it all.
You are truly an amazing person.

I love our chats and how we can talk forever, even before the internet was available, we've always managed to stay in touch and I really think that's something special.


Best Friends
We've known each other for many many years
You know me best, my strengths and my fears
For all the things that we have been through,
I wouldn't change a thing, I'm glad it's with you.

I'm always at ease when I know it's you
We could talk forever...what else is new.
It's like no time has ever passed,
Seems like yesturday that we had such a blast

I can just log on and hope to see
A cute, funny postcard sent just for me
Sometimes simple or stories to tell,
How was your week? Heven or Hell!

Though you're oceans away,
It feels like you're very near
You're always in my thoughts,
You know I'd always be here.

(C) Renien

Hello My Friend
Hello my friend, how was your day?
I'm just thinking what should I send you today

A postcard, E-Mail, or a forward from sookie
I've already sent everything, even a Zippac from Zippy's

Although we've always managed to stay in touch
It sure makes it easier without saying much

But one thing I know deep in my heart,
Distance will never keep us apart.

(C) Renien

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